Today a reader, Tomorrow a leader

Being born in a Pushtoon family was never ever a hurdle in the way of my dreams and aspirations. Just like my brothers I had always been treated with all the love and care that a girl could ever dream of. I was educated in the same institutes with my brothers. Being the eldest in the family I was not much exposed to the surroundings and so like every other stereotype I also thought that the only profession that suited a girl was to become a doctor. It was back in 2013 when I was struggling to cram all the course needed to pass the medical entry test but no matter how hard would I try, I would fail one way or the other. My scores never exceeded sixty-five percent. It was all very tiring, tasteless, and a disappointing experience. In short, something was missing. Something that my subconscious was aware of but I still had to explore it. I shared it all with my father that medical was not something that I was born for; it was simply not my cup of tea. As always, he listened and understood and asked me to chase my own dreams. My endless love for literature dragged me to National University of Modern Languages. But there were worries that confined my thoughts and lured my mind. Thoughts like this reflected in my mind; would I end up being a successful person? Would I ever be able to do something big? Would I ever make my family proud by changing my decision?

During all this time of chaos and disturbance, I struggled hard to remain strong. I was in continuous toil with my own self but I had decided to chase the path that suited my inner being and who I really was. I stood by it. As soon as my journey at NUML started I was taken by surprise after the result of my first semester; I came to know that I stood second in all the nine campuses of NUML across Pakistan which was, of course, something unbelievable. I was always told that gaining a position was not a difficult task maintaining that position was the sign of real people. Since then till fifth semester I maintained the same position and in the sixth and seventh semester, I stood first in all the nine campuses. Do I thank God for not listening to the people who said that if you had to choose BS English then why did u do FSC? Take one more year and prepare well for medical. What at all would become of you? A teacher! That’s it? yes, i can proudly THANK God for making me choose the best.

What I learned in all these years is that human beings are all very different from each other. One may be good at one thing and the other at another thing. We all are sent in this world with different talents for different purposes. We all need to explore ourselves and choose the field we are good at. This is the only way to contribute something good to the society. We all work one way or the other to earn a living. Hence, it is better to choose the kind of work that we love to do. Literature has evolved me into the better person of the society. It has made me more sensitive towards the things around me. It has blessed me with a new and positive approach towards life. I can proudly say that I would love to pursue lectureship as my career. I look forward to becoming a writer. Everybody live for themselves but it is an art to spend your life in this world for the good of other people. A teacher is a person who moulds the character of his students and I think the most of competitive of all should by choice become a teacher and should pass some quality values to the future generations. Teaching is the noblest of all professions and I feel it would not only help others to become better versions of themselves rather it will help me nourish my own soul.

To those who want to choose English Literature as a field, I would like to say that it is not only teaching that you can choose as a profession. One can become an outstanding poet, author, article writer, journalist, motivational speaker, interpreter, freelancer, newscaster, anchor, BBC employ, CSS and PMS aspirant and anything you dream of related to the field of English. Everyone in this world is special in his/her own way you just need to explore yourself and take a stand against the stereotypes. And then the world would be yours!

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