Your toughest

career milestones with the help ofscientific

psychometric and career counselling here with us

Our Counselors

Our counselors are well equipped with managing students stressand providing with the authentic information.


Career readiness programs ,workshops and seminars made sure that career counseling is provided on the platforms where it is much needed.


Authentic content , one to one and online sessions are the services that make Unidesk so unique.

Success Stories

People successfully Seek counseling and Guidance from Unidesk and have benefited from them in their respective field and even if they want to choose a different course in their careers.

17 years of experience helping people for best solutions

Our Events

career counselling camp 2019

Our one day workshop on Career Counselling aims to equip students with the essential knowledge of career advising.

career clinic 2019

This one on one career clinic aim to equip students with the basic skills and essential knowledge of career advising.

Career Readiness Program 2.0 2019

Our one day workshop on Career Counselling aims to equip students with knowledge of career.

Our Journey

Unidesk was envisioned by a young girl struggling to find her own ideal career, never again was she going to let another individual struggle.  And just like that, the Best Ed tech startup 2017 sky rocketed, Bringing versatile and experienced counselors under one roof and forming an easily approachable platform for everyone.

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Unidesk ventures:


In career readiness program Unidesk got about 200 transactions which was mainly based on the following points:

The understanding of how companies hire their employees and what can spark your chances of being sought out.

  • What can help your resume stand out from amongst the others?
  • How to highlight & utilize your skill(s) & use it to your advantage?
  • How to kick start professional networking?
  • How to boost your confidence in the work field?
  • What are the applications used on online forums?
  • Mock Interviews with recruitment managers and trainers.

What Our Students Has To Say!

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